L’eggo my Wafflich

Last summer, my boyfriend and I surprised my brother in Denver for the opening of his new restaurant, Wafflich. Like me, my brother is extremely weird and like me, he has a passion for food. Obviously my opinion is biased, but I’m telling you, the moment the Shazz hits your lips, you can’t help but shed a tear at the unexpected combination of crunchy bread textured like a waffle with a hamburger patty, pickle and cheese. If a Big Mac and a hippie had a baby at Whole Foods, they would have a Shazz.
Over the course of the weekend, we proceeded to try every sandwich on the menu and each one was equally delectable. Not that I’m ever worried about large portions, but the sandwiches are perfectly portioned and priced. Just enough that you’re satiated and not stuffed.  The next time you’re in Denver, stop in at Wafflich. Mention my name and maybe you’ll get a free wink from the cashier.