Birchwood Bitchin

When I moved to the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood a few months ago, I was obviously excited for the new array of restaurants within walking distance of my apartment. One name that was repeatedly recommended to me was Birchwood Kitchen. I had viewed the menu online but it always seemed limited and admittedly, nothing on it caught my eye. Yesterday, I went with a friend for brunch and I instantly regretted not going sooner. 

We split the croque vert and the oven baked french toast with strawberries. Out.Of.Control. It is no secret that I am a carb-a-holic. Given that both dishes we ordered were bread based, I was pleased to have my socks knocked off in every way. The challah french toast resembled a soft pound cake, acting perfectly as a vehicle to sop up the juice of the strawberries. The fresh sourdough on the croque vert was equally delectable, lightly toasted and filled with fresh summer vegetables and topped with a sunny side egg. You’ll notice from previous posts, I’m eating up (literally) the fried egg on top of everything trend. I felt like the chef was cooking from his burlap bag of farmer’s market ingredients. Per usual, I channeled my inner Tom Colicchio as I ate and felt his observations would have been the same as mine. 

With farm-to-table, organic restaurants popping up everywhere, I appreciate a place like Birchwood because you can tell that they are not trying to be something they’re not. Their philosophy is: “To balance the finest, freshest food and genuine service with affordable, casual dining.” They do just that. The staff is friendly and unpretentious, just like the food.  I’m hoping to be on a first name basis with all of them by the end of the summer.547157