Let me be frank. I don’t like burgers. Don’t get me wrong. I will eat one with great pleasure and enjoy every second of it. I am not, however, enjoying it for the quality of the meat, the way that meat was cooked, or the thickness or juiciness of the grass fed sirloin. None of the above. I am enjoying it for everything that comes with it. A burger with a side of truffle fries and a salted caramel shake could be a dog biscuit for all I care, which, speaking of dog biscuits, have you seen the variety of flavors and textures lately? It’s like they need their own supermarket. I greet you with all of this worthless banter because I intentionally chose not to preface my aforementioned statement with: until now.  Au Cheval. Go there. For the burger. Dress like a hipster or be prepared to stand out. Enough said.