Sandwich Crawl 2013: 50 before I’m 50

And so it goes. Another reason for me to put off dieting and continue eating. Some people like tennis, some people like bacon. You say tomato, I say foie gras. I don’t pass judgement on your inability to stay in the bike lane. Actually, I do. Joey Tribiani and I have something in common besides our bank accounts, or lack thereof. We both love sandwiches. After reading “The 50 Best Sandwiches in Chicago” in Chicago Magazine, it seemed fitting that I buck up and try all 50. Surprisingly, I had only sampled 10 of the 50. I thought it would only be fair to re-try all candidates and reorder them myself. I don’t know much but I know a good sandwich.
By the way, Chicago magazine, If your sandwich taster/article writer goes on maternity leave, I’ll cover for them as an unpaid intern. Here it goes.
First two down and the order stays the same. First Place-Old Oak Tap BLT
Second Place-Au Cheval fried bologna.                                         Image