Modified Monday

This weekend called for a vegetarian-friendly barbecue. Though Adam and I are both enrolled in Bacon-holics Anonymous, our friends who came over are not.  I love veggie burgers, so I decided to test out and modify this recipe from Pinterest. I changed the recipe by sautéing the garlic, onions and olive oil together, before adding the additional ingredients. I needed Adam’s help to hand mash the chickpeas, so a food processor might come in handy if you have one. The recipe also says to choose black or green olives, but I added both.

Instead of the lemon caper mayo, we topped the burgers with guacamole, which added a nice, spicy kick. If I make these again, I would probably add an egg to bind the ingredients together, as the burgers were a bit soft and hard to handle.

Unfortunately, I remembered to take a picture of the burgers after they were already digested. This seems to be a constant problem for me. The attached link shows a much prettier version than mine, but I’m sure mine tasted better. I couldn’t do a post without a picture, so enjoy this one of Mono and his best friend Digi, (our vegetarian friends’ dog).