Seven Reasons Antique Taco is Better than Six Flags

1. You can order everything on the menu if you are with a group of four or more.

2. The chili cheese curds make you feel in touch with a greater power from above.

3. Rosemary sprigs in Ball jar jugs of margaritas

4. Three words: Dog friendly patio

5. No frills, just awesome tacos that are, dare I say it, better than Big Star.

6. The horchata milkshake that is denser than a Dairy Queen blizzard

7. Chips are served in cardboard berry containers

Margaritas for one

Margaritas For Two

Chili cheese curds

Chili Cheese Curds, topped with pickled scallions

Stripes on stripes, horchata milkshake

Stripes on Stripes, Horchata Milkshake

Special chicken Empanada

Special Chicken Empanada


Pork Carnitas

Grilled Ribeye Tacos

Grilled Ribeye Tacos


Market Mushroom Tacos-The group favorite