Modified Monday- Cleansing Addition

Until recently, the only cleansing I knew was using my Clarisonic brush and prescription soap from the dermatologist. Over the past few months, I have researched different kinds of juice cleanses. I have seen friends do them and thought it might be something worth trying for three days. One might ask (and a few actually did), What is your reasoning for a juice cleanse? Do you want to lose weight? Kick sugar cravings? Shrink your appetite? While all of these things came to mind, for me, it was more of a control issue. I wanted to be able to prove to myself that I could drink only juices for three days straight. Last week, I bit the metaphorical bullet and decided to stock up on the ingredients for the 3-day Dr. Oz juice cleanse.
Doesn’t sound too bad right? I like fruit. I like vegetables. I like almond butter.
Before I even started, I modified it. I didn’t buy the coconut oil or the supplements. The recommended lavender and Epsom salt detoxifying bath (not shown) seemed treacherous with last week’s 80 degree temperatures, so I opted out of that as well. Drink the shakes and call it a day. That was my motto. Truthfully, if I could go three days without meat, caffeine, carbs (YIKES) and dairy, I considered that a personal accomplishment. Below is a diary of my three day cleanse. Some may say I can’t consider what I did a cleanse. For me, it was hard, it was horrible and I hope I never have to do it again.


-Breakfast Drink: It was much better than I expected. I would drink it by choice for breakfast, with a side of pancakes.

-Lunch Drink: I took two sips of it and almost gagged. How can one really drink an entire cucumber, four celery stalks? Who am I, a brontosaurus? It was at this point that I decided if I could stick to fruit, vegetables and some nut butter for three days, I would still pat myself on a back.

-With the lunch drink eliminated for good, I made a salad of vegetables and lentils for lunch and had an apple and soy nut butter for dessert. This felt like a burger and fries and I was only a few hours into it. Uh oh.

-I came home from school ravenous and ate a quarter of an avocado (taken from my dinner shake) and drank the dinner shake sans avocado. The dinner shake was not quite as bad as the lunch shake but it still took a lot for me to choke it down.

Made it through modified cleanse day one. Go me!


Lunch smoothie aka swamp in a blender


-Morning drink-went down easy

-Lunch-I made another salad, similar to day one and had pineapple for dessert.

-Snack- I came home from school and ate some avocado and cauliflower. Cheetos sounding extremely delicious right about now.

-Dinner-Since the cleanse says you can have an additional drink of your choice, I made the breakfast drink for dinner.

-After dinner- My head began throbbing and progressed into one of the worst headaches in my personal history. I went to bed at 7:30 with a wrapped strawberry popsicle on my forehead. I didn’t eat it, but I thought about it.


Breakfast smoothie


Last day, yippee!
Breakfast and lunch went the same as the previous two days, however, my lingering headache was too much too handle and around 1:00, I broke down and had a cup of coffee.
For dinner I made a smoothie of pineapple, berries, spinach, flax seed and almond milk. I was pretty juiced out at this point and was more or less trying to use up the leftover produce.
So, there you have it! My first and last “juice” cleanse. Judge me if you will but I was pretty proud of myself for making it through those three days. I don’t weigh myself, so I don’t know if I lost any weight, but I didn’t feel much different Friday than I did on Monday. Everything in moderation seems like a much more practical way of life anyway. Everything but doughnuts.