An Old Favorite

In a city filled with restaurants filled with menus filled with items like crab brain fried rice, there is sometimes something to be said for a consistent staple that you can always count on. Bob San has been in my life for years. As a college freshman, my brother and sister-in-law introduced me to it when I visited them for a weekend. Their crunch roll is the main reason I moved to Chicago.

Granted, my first few years at Bob San were mostly spent banging my fists on tables in order to achieve the perfect sake bomb. These days, I feel much more comfortable drinking a cranberry juice and banging my fists on the table because my DirecTV is out.

I have yet to order something at Bob San that I wanted to send back. Asparagus beef roll? Succulent. Cucumber salad? Light and refreshing. Their rolls are simple, not too fancy and most importantly, fresh. The restaurant’s ambiance perfectly mimics the food. Though there are always tables filled, you don’t need need to make a reservation three months in advance, or at all really, especially when you are picking it up and eating it in bed, like me.

Pictured is my typical order:

-Asparagus Beef-asparagus wrapped in thin beef and teriyaki sauce

-Negi Hamachi- yellow tail and scallions

-Chili Spicy Tuna-tuna with scallions in special spicy chili sauce

-Crunch-shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, eel sauce, tempura crumbs

-Philadelphia-smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese


Think this was a shared order? I’ll let you guess.