Loving Lula

If only I could turn back time. I published my top 38 restaurants that I cleverly coined the “I’m Full 38“,  just shy of two months ago . I plagiarized the concept from The Eater. Is that illegal? I’m pretty sure teachers should not be plagiarizing anything. Nonetheless, had I published that list now, Lula Cafe would most definitely be on it.

Lula had been on my ever-growing list of restaurants to try for quite sometime and I am so glad I finally got to it. I had heard mixed reviews and some said it was better for brunch than dinner. I will most certainly be back for brunch, but the dinner was nothing short of outstanding. I think I have reached a point in my life where I no longer go to a dinner with people who do not want to share everything. Ordering your own dish is so 2004. I went with a friend on a Friday night and although we did not have a reservation, we were able to have a drink at the bar and get seated in under 30 minutes. We sat at the counter by the chef window, which I  personally favor with a party of two. Below are the dishes we ordered.


Island of Rhodes, this Summer
squid braised in its ink, fregola sarda, burnt orange, fennel


Parsnip and Burrata Cappellacci
licorice root, frisee, lobster butter


Delicata Squash and Lardo
burnt maple, date and meyer lemon vinaigrette, ricotta salata
*This was a bonus dish. The waiter brought it out for us to try. We liked him very much!


Slow Cooked Marsala Short Rib
winter carrots and cranberry beans roasted in tallow, red kuri squash, anchovy, raclette


Caramel Apple Vol Au Vent
apple cider custard and toasted oat ice cream

The vibe at Lula Cafe is pure Logan Square hipster. Bearded men, plaid shirts and plastic glasses are abundant. There is a warm coziness about this place that makes it perfect for a winter dinner, yet it would be equally fun to go in the summer and sit outside. Everything from the presentation, service and quality of ingredients were phenomenal.

Each dish was better than the next, with the cappellacci being a particular favorite. The waiter was knowledgeable and kind. Don’t you love when people are kind? We basically let him take the lead and do our ordering for us. He described the Island of Rhodes as a seafood mac and cheese for foodies and he could not have been more accurate. Unfortunately, I am moving out of the Logan Square area, but I hope to plan a visit for brunch and a repeat dinner very soon. You go, Lula!