As a kindergarten teacher, I spend the majority of my life living in a sea of germs. Particularly during the winter months, there is always some strain of flu, stomach virus or strep throat circulating. In the past six years, my immunity to illness has become nothing short of stellar. Of course, I wash my hands a minimum of twenty times a day and walk around with a Purell pendant necklace. I keep Zinc lozenges in my pocket and take one every time I sneeze.

Even with these somewhat obsessive precautions, I still find myself under the weather at least once a season. A few weeks ago, I exhibited some cold-like symptoms and decided to test out this pasta e ceci chicken soup recipe I had been meaning to modify once the winter months were upon us. The recipe came from Pinterest and this is how I modified it:

-Instead of a whole onion, I used half of one and added three chopped celery stalks.

-I used store-bought chicken stock plus two chicken bouillon cubes for extra flavor (an old trick from my mom).

-I added two shredded chicken breasts from a store-bought rotisserie chicken.

-Instead of the herbs listed, I bought a soup mix blend of herbs that I tied together and took out of the soup once it was ready to eat. I also squeezed in the juice of one lemon halfway through the cooking process.

-I skipped steps two and three all together and left the chickpeas whole in the soup.

-Instead of dicing fresh tomatoes, I used canned diced tomatoes.

ImageImageThe finished product was excellent, however, it ended up being more of a stew as the chicken absorbed more of the broth than I anticipated. I didn’t mind this unexpected surprise, however, if you want it to be more of a soup, I would suggest adding an extra can of broth.

Stay warm and enjoy!