Date Night Dinner

After a long, frigid and especially lazy weekend, I felt the need to do something proactive that didn’t require much time outside. Although the constant Facebook posts and Chiberia hashtags make me cringe most of the time, I have to say I have never been more ready to wear shorts. And I don’t even wear shorts. Seriously, who invented winter? I am only exaggerating slightly when I say that I allot an extra half hour of time in the morning just to put on my winter gear. I miss the days when the ice was actually melting and it was in my margarita glass.

On Monday night I had two friends over for dinner, one who specifically wanted me to teach her how to make an impressive meal for a date night. She admittedly has a short list of cooking skills and I thought this Chicken Cacciatore from Skinnytaste was the perfect option. Naturally, I modified it and made it even healthier than it already was. Bridesmaid Diet 2014 is on and cooking is the best way to stay in line. Of course, I am not going too crazy and I allow myself small indulgences on the weekend. When Doughnut Vault posts that they are out of chocolate glazed on a Saturday, there is no chance I have anything to do with that.

I started modifying by choosing chicken breasts instead of thighs. Even though I am a woman who believes in equal rights, I always choose white meat chicken. Obviously any kind of chicken parts would work, so pick what you like best. Instead of putting the vegetables in with the par-cooked chicken, I took the chicken out of the pan and let the vegetables cook in the pan without the chicken for a few minutes. Once the vegetables were soft, I reintroduced the chicken to the pan and added the sauce. I swapped out the whole wheat pasta for baked spaghetti squash and dinner was ready! It turned out great and I think it would be even better with the addition of capers or olives.


My friend did a great job asking me what I was doing while she texted and watched The Bachelor. I see a budding sous chef career in her future. It looks like she may have to stick with Rice-A-Roni and Spam for her date night, but I personally find a man who likes Spam sexy.