Bite Me

I have a sufficient amount of nerd in me and have always loved the notion of joining a book club. Even though the idea of it makes me feel that I am officially taking a leap into adulthood, it seems like an appealing concept to read a great book that you can discuss with friends or peers. Some people have babies to make them realize they are actually adults, I just use the Kindle app on my iPad.

When one of my work friends told me about a book club some of the teachers were putting together, I was excited to join and even more excited when I was chosen to pick the second book. I had heard of The Kitchen House over and over again and it came highly recommended by several readers whose opinions I trust. Unfortunately, I could not get past chapter 4.

So, when the club met last Thursday night, I was relieved and mildly embarrassed that only two of the six girls actually finished the book. Two never started it and the other two (one being myself) are hoping to finish it before 2016. And so, with these pitiful statistics, we mutually agreed that our book club will now be a dinner club until further notice.

Bite Cafe has come up on my radar a lot in the last year. I saw it on Check, Please! a few months back and during my brief stint in Bucktown/Logan Square, I had planned to try it out. Though I never got a chance to stop by before my move to River North, I was happy that one of my fellow book club members suggested it for our dinner outing.

It is a relatively small BYOB that focuses on lots of healthy options, like tofu tacos and a housemade veggie burger. We instantaneously ordered the poutine and mussels and fries to share among the table. It was Thursday after all and seeing that it was 6:00 and we eat lunch at 11:15, this was a considerably late dinner for us. We all know there is no possibility of starting a diet on a Thursday anyway.


Poutine- French fries with bacon gravy, cheese curds and pickled chiles


Mussels and fries with shallots, garlic, bacon, smoked paprika butter and white wine

For dinner, I chose the falafel sandwich with smoked eggplant and a chickpea, tomato and herb salad and a side of trendy mixed vegetables.  Both were delicious and surprisingly light in comparison to the former appetizers.


I loved Bite Cafe and definitely would love to go back. The prices were reasonable and the brunch is supposedly out of this world. Though our party did not save room for dessert, the milkshakes and salted brownie sundae looked like winners.  Next time I may just order those for dinner.