Mmmm Henry

Admit it. You were wondering where I’ve been. You can pretend my assumption is inaccurate, but we both know I am right. Though I would like to say that my month away from blogging was due to winning the lottery, exotic travel and shooting a new Bravo series, The Real Teachers of Chicago, I must be truthful. The end of the school year always proves to be overly chaotic. This year I decided to couple that time of year with attaining a new roommate, an eleven pound yellow lab named Sullivan.

photo (28) copyThe culprit


I have always loathed those dog owners who act like their dog is a human being, or that training a puppy is like having a baby. Though I have never been a parent to a human, being a parent to a dog has definitely added a huge new element of responsibility to my life. The good news is, that unlike a baby, I can leave him in a crate by himself when I need a break. This happened today when I went to brunch with friends at M. Henry.

There are certain elements in a restaurant that give hints to a good meal.

-An adjacent bakery (check)

-An awesome patio (check)

-Strong coffee and espresso drinks (check)

Already off to a good start.

The day could not have been more perfect and the food was even better. For appetizers, our group ordered the blackberry bliss pancakes and the roasted vegetable and goat cheese quiche. I may have previously mentioned that I have a particular affinity for streusel topping, and on pancakes? Just brilliant.

ImageFluffy hotcakes layered with warm blackberries and vanilla mascarpone cream, then topped with brown sugar and oat crustImageSavory veggie quiche filled with roasted asparagus, peppers, onions, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, fontina and goat cheese
Image  I chose the fried egg sandwich for my main course, which consisted of toasted sour boule with 2 eggs cooked over medium, applewood bacon, sliced plum tomatoes, cheddar, fresh thyme and delicious roasted potatoes. Among my six friends, we essentially ordered the entire menu and everyone was equally blown away. M. Henry is a bit of a hike from my hood, but until they open a second location, I will make the trek.