Slide or Die

Like the majority of America, I spent most of my Fourth of July weekend congregating around a grill full of meat and covering my ears. “Are those gun shots or fireworks?”-the infamous Fourth of July question across the city of Chicago.

Though I love nothing more than a summer barbecue, I was thoroughly excited to attend a backyard party on July 5th, where the grill was turned off and the food came from a truck. Specifically, a food truck, and even more specifically, The Slide Ride, serving, you guessed it, sliders! And the only thing better than sliders is foodie sliders. If I had a driveway, my next party would most definitely have a food truck.

I had M & M’s in a cereal bowl the last time I had guests. Pretty much the same thing.



So, as long as we are being honest, how do you go to a food truck without the hassle of a line and not order everything on the menu? I think you can answer that question yourself. I was sharing with friends though, or at least, pretending to share.


Bacon gouda burger-how gooda is gouda?


Buffalo chicken with optional side of ranch, opted in!


Corkscrew noodles are the only way to go with mac and cheese.

You might think that I would feel obligated to say that I loved all of the sliders, simply because I wouldn’t want to offend my friends who treated me to more than my allotted amount. That is absolutely accurate. What kind of person would chow free sliders as someone’s invited guest and then proceed to bash them?  Thankfully, every slider was outstanding, with the burger as a particular standout. To my friends who invited me, please keep me on the permanent guest list. If you don’t, I’ll show up anyway.