Zen Dinner

Fig and Olive, recently opened in the Gold Coast, is the restaurant equivalent of a trendy spa. Muted colors, trees growing inside, Veuve adorning the bar, One Direction playing in the background. So, before I go any further, these elements alone are reasons to give Fig and Olive a shot.

The menu is extensive, and since I was with just one other person, we were only able to try a few things without looking insane. Unfortunately, we did something I rarely ever do, under-ordered. What was I thinking when I thought three crostini,  one crab and heirloom tomato, and the paella del mar would be enough? I faltered. The joy of small plates. The three dishes were fine; not great, not terrible. The paella was fishy, the crostini was forgettable and the crab was mealy.

I realize, however, that these three dishes may not be a true reflection of the large menu, which is why I would go back, with a group of no less than ten people.

photo 1

Crostini- prosciutto, ricotta, fig, olive and walnut -manchego, fig, marcona almond -goat cheese, caramelized onion, chive

photo 2

Crab and heirloom tomato

photo 3

Paella del Mar

Bottom line: Great atmosphere, three out of three underwhelming dishes.