Top Seeds with Elana Green

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Our first installment of Top Seeds comes from Elana Green, Director of Operations for Land and Sea Department, the umbrella for Parson’s Chicken and Fish, Longman and Eagle, Lost Lake and newbie, Cherry Circle Room in the Chicago Athletic Association hotel.

Elana and I sat down at the Land and Sea headquarters last week to chat about her journey with the restaurant group.

“I started out as a server at Longman and then became the second manager that they hired. I opened the  hotel with them-I was the innkeeper!  As the company grew, the need for a director of operations was more pressing, so I moved up to the position.”

On Cherry Circle:

“It really goes along with the classic 1950’s vibe of the Chicago Athletic Association. There’s an inspiration from secret societies. We have a table side martini cart and steaks on the menu, along with some cool custom symbols on the china and decor. A lot of people come in and immediately think, Oh! Mad Men! But that’s not really what we want it to be; it’s a cooler vibe, more welcoming and less stuffy.”

Partial to any particular restaurant in the group?

“They really are so vastly different that it’s hard to pick a favorite. They each have their own qualities that I love them for.”

Elana’s Top Seeds

Spot to Soak up Chicago Sun

I love having a picnic at Palmer Square. I bring a bottle of rose´ and some cheese. It’s a very relaxed, low pressure way to spend a day.

Pure Gluttony

Since opening the hotel, I have kind of become a regular at Shake Shack. My order is a chocolate shake, regular burger and cheese fries–you’ve gotta have cheese fries!

Go-To Libation

I have to go with Longman’s Old Fashioned. It’s classic!


Mariano’s kale shake is really fresh, and a good way to drink my dinner.

Lunch for under $20

In the office, we get burritos from Taco el Jalisciense. It’s a little taco stand that’s close, convenient and delicious.

Donut Debate

Enoch Simpson [Endgrain] used to make donuts at Nightwood. Those were the best!