Top 4 Reasons why River Roast is Toast


Last weekend, my friend Brooke and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful Father’s Day and have a “Sunday Fun Day” somewhere scenic. River Roast  is right on the Chicago river, which, on a summer day is pretty much the best you can get. Unless you are actually on a boat in the river, or you’re at a pool with frozen drinks and a swim up bar, or you’re sitting at another, better restaurant with a view. I digress, as usual. This is why we were wrong:


1. The service: A hostess who doesn’t know what she’s doing + another hostess who doesn’t know what she’s doing + a waitress who doesn’t know what she’s doing with a bitchy attitude = bad service.

2. The band: It’s Chicago summer! It’s Father’s Day! It’s the weekend! Let’s get loose and bust out our dance moves to the WORST band that there ever was. A blues band sustained by loud voices yelling a rendition of Johnny Be Good isn’t going to be good for anyone. Just, no.

3. The food: The avocado shrimp toast was actually quite delicious. The omelette was overcooked and prepared differently than we requested. [see service] The strawberry mascarpone French Toast was drowned in a sea of frozen strawberries. Meh.

4. The crowd: Loud tourists pre-gaming before their ferris wheel ride at Navy Pier. They liked the music. Need I say more?