Weeknight at Bernie’s

Finally! A restaurant within steps of my apartment that I actually want to go to for dinner. Bernie’s Lunch and Supper has a bit of nostalgia for me. The owner and chef, Zack Sklar, is from my hometown in Michigan. Apparently his restaurants are what keep suburban Detroit trendy. Now Sklar is taking on Chicago, and his restaurant group, Peas & Carrots, already has another project in the works.

So, I went with one other dining partner and I feel like we ordered like rock stars. When I go back, I’ll have a hard time not ordering the exact same things. That said, we peeked at the other tables and they seemed equally pleased. The  menu isn’t that big, so if you go with enough people you could technically order everything.

I also want to mention that Bernie’s offers a 6 and 9 ounce pour option for wine. Are we all in agreement that this is not a bad option?


We started with the Lamb Hashwi with hummus, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and warm pita, which is really like a hot naan pancake. This seriously embarrasses your standard pita and hummus.

IMG_3279 (1)

Next came the heirloom tomatoes with nectarines, burrata, torn bread and roasted onions. I think we all know how I feel about a salad with bread in it.


Another winner. Sweet corn with basil pesto and spicy honey.


I am a diehard Au Cheval burger enthusiast, but this one gives it a true run for its money. The Bernie’s Cheeseburger has dill pickles, aioli and grilled onions. Not too shabby.