Sunday mornings were made for bellinis, truffle butter grilled cheese and 5,000 dollar Chesterfield sofas.

Oh wait, they weren’t?

Life is about dreaming big, at least according to my friend Brooke, and the new Restoration Hardware design showroom and restaurant (3 Arts Club Cafe) is a good place to start.


This might be a bold statement, but I think this past Sunday can go down as one of the best mornings of my life. Sure, I spent a semester in Spain and you know, went to a Billy Joel concert, but this.

We all know the kid in a candy store analogy. I was more like Oprah in a candy store. Or, me, in a candy store.

A twenty minute wait for the restaurant was just an excuse for my friend Lauren and I to snap pictures of exposed brick walls like they were Brad Pitt. “Excuse me, can you take a picture of me with this wall?”


We also felt no humility in asking the hostess to move out of the way so we could get the perfect shot of the stone fountain and topiaries.


Of course, the lunch was perfect. We all know how I feel about Hogsalt at this point. But based on the aforementioned statements, the grilled cheese could have been a box of Fig Newtons and I wouldn’t have noticed. But since I did notice, it was exactly as you would expect it to be.


Grilled cheese with cheddar, truffle butter and fries


RH Scramble with free range eggs, Texas, Toast, avocado and chives

And in true Sodikoff fashion, he found a way to slip in a Doughnut Vault spread in the too good to be true adjacent coffee shop. I knew he wouldn’t let me down!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.35.36 PM

In our happy place. All photo credits to Lauren.

Five floors of perfection followed lunch.  Gallons of drool ensued as we traipsed through rooms filled with brass hardware, Belgian linens, steel coffee tables, and leather chairs more buttery than the grilled cheese.

Let’s face it. I have my priorities straight.