Swift and Sons

One thing I’ve learned from going to new restaurants too soon, is that it usually takes a while to to get things right. They run out of food, reservations run late, and there is too much lag time between courses. So, when my friend and I arrived to the newly opened Swift and Sons to find that they were running behind on reservations, I was admittedly skeptical. But, it was Saturday night after all, and killing time at the “un” stuffy bar wasn’t the worst option in the world.

A short wait with apologies from the hostess led us to a roomy booth, and all was forgotten. The waitress paid great attention to us and coursed out the menu with perfect recommendations. A slight delay between our salad and steak was a win with a mercy shrimp cocktail. Score!


House baked rolls for days


Ricotta dumplings with squash, mint, pomegranate seeds, and spiced yogurt



Autumn chopped salad with tarragon vinaigrette


Shrimp on ice



Tartiflette potato, the star of the evening. Just do it.


Filet medium rare, done and done.

There is no shortage of steakhouses in Chicago, and to stand out from the crowd takes uniqueness and quality. Swift and Sons does both of these things. Go for the atmosphere, stay for the food, leave in a state of satiated contentment.